European Getaway Chronicles – Prague, Czech Republic!

We flew into Prague with a weather forecast of solid rain for our entire time there. However, the weatherman was clearly telling tall tales, as apart from the first evening, it was absolutely stunningly beautiful. What amazing weather luck we’ve had on this trip!

Our Prague apartment was located right in the heart of Old Town, amidst cobblestone streets and stunning architecture. I mean, look at the view from the apartment!


We headed out for our first meal in Prague, at a restaurant renowned for it’s traditional Czech tasting menu. We were blown away by the meal…one of our best in Europe (and that’s saying something!). Five courses of delicious perfection.

The next morning, we immediately headed out to Old Town Square and were blown away by the beauty, and the overall vibe of this part of Prague. It was such a pleasant place to wander and explore.

81 82 83 84

We then headed to the famous Charles Bridge, which is lined with absolutely stunning sculptures and statues, each one different than the last. And of course, swans everywhere again. What is it with Europe and the majestic swans?! Love it. In any case, I can see why this bridge draws such crowds…absolutely beautiful.

86 87 88

Once we crossed the bridge, we headed up the steps to the castle…it was one epic climb. But luckily, they sold fresh squeezed strawberry or pineapple juice at the base of the steps…great climbing fuel! Prague was much warmer than some of our other destinations thus far, so needless to say, we were struggle city by the time we reached the top. Haha.


But wow, was it worth it! The castle was stunning, particularly the unbelievably breathtaking cathedral. Unlike most of the cathedrals we’d visited thus far, this one was free to enter, and was well worth the trip.

91 92 97 93 94 95 96

That night, we headed out for a night at the opera. One of my favourite operas, ‘Carmen’, was playing at the Prague State Opera, and we leapt at the chance to attend. We ended up with some of the best seats in the house, and were delighted to find that there were even English subtitles provided in addition to Czech (the opera is in French). We weren’t allowed to take any photos in the theatre, but what an experience!

The next morning we headed out for some wandering and shopping. The shopping here was SO much fun, as it was all so cheap! The Czech Republic is known for it’s beautiful toys, and we had to restrain ourselves from buying everything in sight for the girls. The one thing I did manage to avoid was the marionette dolls that are so famous here…they are just too creepy for my taste! Haha.

98 89

Also, if you are every looking for a massive selection of alcohol in one place, look no further 😉


Then, we made an absolutely delightful discovery…the annual Prague Easter Festival was on for the entirety of our stay! It was all day, and offered folk music, massive amounts of traditional Czech street food, and plenty of shopping. It was entirely free, and was such a fabulous way to bring locals and tourists together in celebration of the holiday. We, of course, went nuts for the food, and spent the afternoon gorging ourselves, checking out all the shops, and listening to the music. SUCH a fun day!

99 01 (1) 00 100 102 101 103

It was our last evening in Prague, so I decided to commemorate by climbing the Old Town Square tower to get a view of the city from above. I couldn’t talk Brett into coming with me, so off I went! It was literally the tiniest area EVER to walk around the top, but was well worth it!

105 106 107 108

While we were a bit devastated that this trip was over, we were thankful for the opportunity to spend time together in such beautiful places, and were very much looking forward to seeing the girls and our home again.

What a FABULOUS holiday. Looking forward to next time! J




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  1. tanae says:

    Loved every single picture, such a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing!

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