European Chronicles | Positano and the glorious balcony.

We finally made it to Positano!  We were absolutely dreading the trip to get there, since it involved a train from Rome to Naples, a train from Naples to Sorrento, a bus from Sorrento to Positano, and then 217 stairs (yes, that’s right…217 stairs) to get to our front door.

To be honest, the journey wasn’t TOO bad…the highlight for me (and funnily enough, the low point for heights fearing Brett) was the bus ride from Sorrento to Positano.  For the last 7 kilometers, we were literally careening on a teeny road on the side of a mountain that plunged straight down into the sea.  The views were AMAZING, but a bit scary at the same time.  Brett happened to sit on the wrong side of the bus (the one closest to the cliff) and spent most of the bus ride cursing me for choosing such a location.  Haha.

We soon arrived at our apartment and O.M.G., it was the definition of fabulousness.  It was tiny (but very cute!) inside, but had double doors in the living area and the bedroom to a massive 60 meters squared balcony with THIS view:

I mean, good Lord!  Made the ridiculous amount of steps totally worth it.  To say we were ecstatically delighted was the understatement of the year.  We spent the whole evening out on the balcony enjoying the views and our favorite meal.  You guessed it…

YUM!  Delilah even got to eat a little bit of the crust…she was definitely a fan.

We woke up the next day and decided to explore Positano a little bit.  It’s quite a small place, but sooooo picturesque.  It reminded me very much of Monte Carlo, in that it was very very steep and houses seemed to be almost piled on top of each other all the way to the ocean.  In fact, we read that the nearby town of Amalfi used to be one of the major naval powers of southern Italy with over 70,000 residents, but then a huge earthquake in the 14th century caused most of the village (along with its residents) to literally slide into the ocean.  Gah!  That story didn’t exactly inspire confidence in Brett, no matter how gorgeous it was 😉

There is only one road in Positano and it is basically a circle, in which traffic can only go one direction.  We opted to go downhill (for obvious reasons) from our apartment toward the ocean and the main beach.

We discovered that Positano has two sides to it.  The side we are staying on is mostly locals, filled with great restaurants and local shops, but not really very touristy.  The other side is like daytrippers central, with TONS of touristy shops and not as much charm.  After seeing it all, we were very happy with our accommodation decision.  We did like looking at all of the clothes for sale though.  Positano has its own ‘Amalfi coast fashion’ where flowy styles all their own are sold all year round.  Mom would have LOVED it all, with the exception of the price tags.  We saw a few tops that were like 100 Euros (that’s like $130)…ouch!

My absolute favorite discovery on our walk was all the bougainvillea everywhere.  You could see it on every other building from our balcony.  They were just covered in absolutely radiant purple flowers.  They even managed to put it above you on the streets!

We made it down to the beach, but as per usual with European beaches, we weren’t too impressed.  It was nice, but it was no Bondi Beach and there were just SO MANY people.  We made a mental note to head to the other quieter beach on our side of town instead for a swim later on.  We did like sitting down and having a bit of people watching time though.  Particularly Delilah.

We came back to the apartment to find that we had a little visitor on our balcony…a kitty!  I knew from reading reviews of the apartment that there was a cat who frequented the balcony for a few pats every now and then, so I was excited to actually see him.  However, my excitement was nothing compared to Delilah’s!  This was her first encounter with a cat and I have never seen her so ecstatic.  She was literally jumping up and down and squealing with delight.  Here’s a little montage of the events:

I think we might have to get a cat for her now.  Haha.

The next day we woke up and decided we were going to do nothing for the entire day…for the first time on this entire trip!  We laid out here:

With this:

And this:

Talk about perfection!  Delilah joined us in nothing but her diaper (which, by the way are totally not as cute as her cloth diapers at home) and had a grand old time rolling around and playing with her toys in the shade.

Even our little kitty friend joined us for the afternoon.  It was practically a party, I tell you!  🙂

The next morning we woke up to find that our balcony friend had, in fact, jumped through an open window and was waiting for us in the living room.  LOL!

Good thing he was such a nice kitty.  He was happy to just have a nap while Delilah fawned over him.  Funny little thing.

For our last day in Positano, we decided that we just had to have a real swim in the Mediterranean.  Imagine our surprise when we discovered (after descending the 217 stairs to the main road) that the beach was another 500 stairs straight down!  It took us like twenty minutes just to descend all of the stairs to get there…I was terrified to think of what it was going to be like on the way back up!  Luckily, it was totally worth it.  The water was crystal clear, gorgeous, and very refreshing (without being too cold).  And of course, Delilah had to go for another swim.  Here she is getting ready to go for a dip:

Yay!  So excited!

Getting used to the water with Daddy.

And going all the way in with Mommy.  She loved it!  Was splashing and giggling away the whole time.

I had a long swim after she got out to dry off and it was glorious.  Even if the ‘pebble’ beach did just about kill my feet on the way in and out.  Definitely makes me appreciate all the gorgeous white sand Aussie beaches, I tell you!  We were very sad to have to leave Positano (and Italy) the next morning, but were very much looking forward to seeing everyone in Toulouse!

We have been in Toulouse for a few days now (I was so late with this post!!) and I can’t wait to show you all some of the wedding portraits I took of Antoine and Julie.  They were such a gorgeous couple!  Will update soon 🙂

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2 Responses to European Chronicles | Positano and the glorious balcony.

  1. Rachel says:

    Gorgeous! Love all the photos and the details. Been to Sorrento but we didn’t make it to Positano.

    We took a car through Italy last spring (without a baby) and are now planning a spring 2011 European trip (Berlin to San Remo, Italy). Did you find taking the train easier with a baby vs. renting a car? Pros, cons? I like the idea of sitting on a train and not worrying about the getting there. But I hate lugging luggage through stations, etc.

    R (aka bandwife on The Bump)

  2. Hey Rachel!

    The train is very convenient in that we didn’t have to find (and pay for) parking everywhere we went. I’ve heard that can get expensive. I’ve also heard that driving can be quite scary there (although if you’ve done it already, you’d probably be fine).

    However, lugging bags through the stations, dealing with the heat on the trains, and working out train timetables is kind of a pain in the butt. If we did it again, I’d probably do a bit more research into renting a car, purely for the luggage factor. Brett labeled all travel days as ‘dark days’ on our trip because he hated lugging the bags so much!

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